The capacity for childlike thought and symbolic use of the imagination is precisely the soil that Einstein, Edison, and others tapped into and became the playground in which they conducted their work. That soil is the birthright and the internal springboard for learning—residing within each human being—but especially within each child. This capacity—and the principles of human evolution that underlie it—represents the foundation upon which our pedagogical relationship with the young should be guided.

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The Science of Play

Play Tectonics explores the science of play within the ever-changing and versatile handmade media of The Paper Hinge puppet. This educational mechanism presents a creative vehicle for facilitating a teaching and learning culture that engages an enhanced 'Quality of Conversation' in classrooms and beyond. Join us in evolving education through the powerful art of play language. Whether you are a high school or college student, teacher, parent or fellow creative in the community. we would love to talk ideas with you! hinge2




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The best way to understand why we introduce paper in the construction of puppets is to get a glimpse of their impact as play-based media. Enjoy reading these journals written by teachers who share how powerful and surprisingly transforming entering into play can be.

Teacher Journals

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It is well past time to remake Education into something other than a factory. It’s time to move beyond the mandated childhood march through the toxic sludge of violence, bullying, lunch-shaming, segregation and the school to prison pipeline; testing, zero-tolerance suspension, drugs--all in the name of education. Year after year we resign ourselves--and our children--to our broken system. We will continue to carry the same old broken, unimaginative factory culture forward for yet another century--on the backs of our children--unless we begin planting the seeds of play in our own communities. Play Tectonics is the way.

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