Why we focus on Play.

Because Education and Self-Help are central to all that we do--and Play is key to learning, growth and development-- we offer Play Tectonics as a first step for those who are interested in becoming part of our constellation. As you get connected, you will soon discover that Play has the power to drive creativity, imagination, independent thinking and civility--at every level of learning and in any field of endeavor. The science of Play can empower learning and teaching. Contrary to what is commonly taught in our education system, our errors, mistakes, and even our failures are an essential part of learning and growing. Understanding this will be crucial to your ongoing success. Because Play is the most natural way of building social skills and character, it is also the best way to fuel a spirit of humanity in all that we do. As you get connected with us and pursue your personal goals, we are confident that you will want to learn more about the power of Play. Get connected today by becoming a contributing member.


More and more people are beginning to realize that it's time for us to move Education in a better direction. We believe that the best way forward is to begin transforming the learning culture altogether--through the natural power of Play. You were referred to this page because Play Tectonics is the principal, senior Education partner within our constellation. By becoming an active member and contributing to this Movement, you will not only help improve Education in your area, but you will also learn better ways to help yourself, your family, and the people you truly care about.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING A BETTER WAY, then you have definitely come to the right place. You are invited to take a closer look at us and what we do. However, you must be willing to contribute to our efforts in some way. If you are not already an active Partner or Associate, then Membership will be your first step and there are three options available to you as outlined below.

THIS IS SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and our success comes from helping others achieve their goals. We refer to ourselves as a strategic alignment of concerned individuals (Partners, Associates, Members and Customers) working collaboratively, sharing and promoting good ideas. We’re doing our part in a variety of ways to help ourselves, our families and others.

WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER because we are naturally social creatures. You have come this far probably because you’re pursuing something in particular. And it’s likely that you’ve heard or seen something that resonates with you. If so, there is a very good chance that we’re also looking for you.

PERHAPS THIS IS THE BEST PATH FOR YOU to get wherever you are trying to go and do whatever you are trying to do. We’re already actively involved and doing our part to help those who think as we do. We want you to know upfront that we emphasize the values of Education and Self-Help because in most situations people must first learn better before they can begin doing better. Understanding this simple principle can be crucial to your success going forward. And you can be assured that we are here to assist you along the way.

AS A MEMBER, YOU WILL LEARN MORE ABOUT US and what we do. And becoming a contributing member is the best way for you to learn exactly how everything works. In this way, you can better determine the specific role you may wish to play --and the many benefits available to you as a future Associate or Partner. Join us today. You’ll be glad you did.


(OPTION 1): $10 Monthly Contribution.
“YES, I like what I’ve heard and seen so far, but at this time, I’m not sure about any specific role(s) I may wish to play. However, I am willing to help keep the lights on in my area (energize) for a period of one year. I understand and agree that I should do something to help make a difference. Therefore, I’ll start by making this small MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION.”

(OPTION 2): $99 Individual Membership
“YES, what I’ve seen and heard so far really resonates with me, and I’m very interested in getting involved and playing a role. By making my ONE-TIME INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION, I understand that I will become a member of the Constellation & help move Play Tectonics forward in my area for one year. I also understand that during this membership period, I’ll be able to make a better determination about the specific role(s) I may wish to play.”

(OPTION 3): $499 Family/ Group Membership.
“YES, I get it and I’m all in. And I am convinced that more people (me included) need to help revitalize the creative spirit in education. I understand and agree that the principle and power of Play is a great way to help get education unstuck and moving in a better direction. I also understand that by making this ONE-TIME GROUP CONTRIBUTION, I and my family/ group/ organization (up to 7 people) will become members for 1 year and during this membership period, we will have access to the PlayTectonics tools and resources so we can begin making a difference in our area.”

I understand that CONSTELLATION MEMBERSHIP --is the first step on a new journey based on Education & Self Help for me, my family and the people I truly care about. I also understand that all processes, tools, courses, and other resources made available are provided as a way for me to quickly get involved and have a positive impact starting in my own community. I also understand that there are no guarantees of income (expressed or implied) to me as a member. However, I understand that, there are several proven ways for me to make money as a contributing member and any level of success I achieve will be entirely up to me.

Option 1: Monthly Membership

Option 2 & 3: One-Time Membership

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